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These out in UHQ untagged soon? <3 Rob is the most beautiful.
More new photoshoot pictures here.




Design a Flag Contest Entry. <3

Here is my entries for Marissa Meyer's amazing contest. It was a lot of work, to be honest, and making flags is not so easy o.O But did my best, and hope it is good enough. <3 A little description under each picture. Dont' know who Marrisa Meyer is? Then you really must check her out. <3 http://www.marissameyer.com/books/ I ADORE her book :D It is perfect. Plus, I love her.

Entry 1.

The Eastern Commonwealth


I wasn't sure how to do a flag of this awesome country. But I did try my best, and I do like it :)
The crown is because of the Emperor, the leader. Also Kai. A huge part of Cinder.
The stars is because of the country's and the Emperor's connection to Lunar. Which you can read about in Cinder. <3

Entry 2.

The European Federation

Canon 004 (2) copy

It says that Europe is known for their amazing sunsets. And I adore sunsets. Plus, I live at the top of Norway, and we do have awesome sunsets :) Thought this was an awesome choice for Europe. Because Sunsets will always be there in the future as well.

Entry 3.

The African Union

Canon 003 (2) copy

Wasn't sure about how to do the Africa flag. How it would be in the future, etc. Since there isn't anything about Africa yet in the series. Then I sorta ended up with this. And I am really really really happy with it :)

Entry 4.


Canon 005 copy

Australia was kind of an easy country. Maybe. Decided to draw a Koala bear. Because they are adorable, and I'm pretty sure they will never disappear :) The stars I took from the official Australia flag, but it could also have a connection to Lunar :)

Perfect Family.

Bears. <3

A very short story.

I'm no good at writing. But, Miriam was having an amazing giveaway, and I needed to enter. <3 *Fingers crossed.* So I tried my best, and I hope it doesn't suck too much. :) Just for fun, though.

This is the picture that I wrote about. Short "story" underneath.


She stands at the bottom of the stairs. She doesn’t know where the stairs came from, where they go, who made them. She thinks they’re beautiful. They make her want to leave this place and never come back. Even if it is just for a moment.
She can’t help herself. She starts up the stairs, the stairs that lead to nothing but clouds. It is a long walk. There is no wind, which is weird, she thinks. But she doesn’t notice it for long. The excitement is strong. Because what will she find at the end of the stairs? It might be another world, it might be heaven, or it might just be a boy. Who knows? I won’t tell you.